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As a seasoned Quality Engineer Coach, my expertise lies in devising and implementing effective DevOps test strategies that enable organisations to seamlessly integrate testing into their CI/CD pipelines. I have a proven track record of working closely with leadership teams to establish processes for planning and high-paced delivery, and have successfully shortened software delivery cycles by implementing Agile and Lean methodologies.

Throughout my career, I have been responsible for developing and executing test strategies for a variety of web and mobile applications, including coordinating test efforts across teams during high-velocity projects. I have also led project teams in building demos and pitch decks, and facilitated yearly planning exercises. Additionally, I have owned OKRs related to speedy delivery and have worked with HR to establish team pulse checks.

My technical expertise includes automating UI and API tests using frameworks like Pytest and Locust, and performing frontend automation using tools like Python and Selenium. I have also upgraded legacy systems, such as upgrading Python 2.6 to Python 3.6.

In addition to my technical skills, I am adept at providing training on Agile methodologies, such as user story writing, sprint planning, and exploratory testing. I have delivered presentations on a variety of topics, from forming an Agile test strategy to workplace rituals, and have participated in industry events like Test Leadership Congress, Quest for Quality, and Test Atelier.

Overall, my extensive experience in developing and executing DevOps test strategies, working with leadership teams to integrate testing into CI/CD pipelines, and providing training and presentations makes me an ideal candidate for any organisation looking to improve their testing processes.

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